Hate Speech


Türkan Akkulak Koç

Everyone is another for the other, a stranger, an indefinite, a fearsome… all the speeches are open to prejudices. Everyone excluded from me or us, everyone has to be marginalized, has been ignored and even destroyed. Hate speech arises, bit by bit, gets into the perception. Injurious, pejorative, it’s a suicidal tongue. It codes all not from itself, different ones are the representations of badness. It appears in the daily newspaper we read, on the tv programs we watch, sometimes in the middle of a sweet chat in expressions we use, in between the lines of a marvelous book we choose. It captures us before we realize it. Sometimes it transforms into the manifestation of divine justice, in the wreckage of a natural disaster. Fascist, provocative usage of language deepens on the trough between the social and individual. We create enemies with our enemies. Kurdish, Armenians, Greeks, immigrants, Muslims- Non-Muslims, theocratic, seculars, Kemalists, travesties, gays, handicapped people, gypsies, ones who deserve to be raped, beautiful and ugly ones.


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