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PASAJ @ Tarlabaşı program 


Future M.
Kaethe Wenzel

19.10 - 01.11.2022

İsmail's - Gönül Lokantası

FUTURE M is about migration and arrival: How do you arrive in a new place? It is work to make a new place your own, a problem that millions of people are solving on a daily basis. How? Kaethe Wenzel interviews people about their long or short way to their current home, listening and drawing.

Climate change is here, and with it will come displacement and migration. While migration is still mainly considered a nuisance and a temporary problem, it also means the development of special skills of communication and arrival.
Wenzel - herself the grandchild of a family displaced in WW II - talks to people about the skill of arrival. Instead of the usual question “Where do you come from (and when are you going back)?” she aks people about how they manage to make a home in a new place - a skill whose importance will only increase.
Based on these conversations, she develops animated drawings which she combines with street art and the internet. Interview quotations and drawings become part of an interactive map of the world – opening a many-voiced panorama on the skills of migration.

FutureM_KaetheWenzel©ClaudiaSchmitzVGBild-Kunst (12)kl.jpg
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